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     In the fall of 2003, a small scavenger hunt was held in honor of Mr. Phil Marquardt's birthday.  A group of twelve friends in the Fort Wayne area gathered to participate in an adult oriented scavenger hunt involving the acquisition of various items around town, photography of team members partaking in embarrassing actions and situations, all topped with the consumption of alcohol.  This hunt was more or less put together as a surprise with only a handful of people knowing what to expect.

    As Phil was one of the more elder members of our small and ever-growing social circle, many of the items and photo opportunities making up this scavenger hunt were geared towards aging and becoming a senior citizen, despite the fact that was still a long ways off for Mr. Marquardt. 

    Everyone first met up for cocktails and such at Kristina & Tony's place of residence.  Photos are available.  A short debriefing then followed and the group was divided into two teams of six, each with its own designated driver and a minivan for transportation.  The team were defined thereafter by the color of their vehicle, with a Gold Tribe & a Red Tribe. 

    The teams were divided as follows: 

    Gold - Phil, Lori, Lynn, Steve, Dawn, & Tony (DD)

    Red - Allyson, Jeff, Kristina, Mark, Kristy & Eric (DD)

    Each person on a team was then presented with an envelope containing a list of the required items & photographs to acquire, several props, a flashlight, and a team mascot.  The designated driver also received his keys at this time, and was able to examine the supply of alcoholic beverages supplied in both of the vans.

    The teams then set out, leaving Kristina & Tony's place of residence (not to return to acquire items).  The departure time was roughly 8:30 PM and a pre-determined end time of 10:30 PM was set, at which time the teams were to meet up in the parking lot of the local Banana Joe's Bar. 

    At the closing, the points for each team would be tallied and the winning team would receive an all expense paid trip to the bar care of the losing team.  Photos are available.  The Red Tribe was declared the victor and they enjoyed their evening at the bar.  In the end, the entire group (both teams) ended up at the Liberty Diner in west Fort Wayne, IN by I69 for a nice greasy breakfast in the wee hours of the morning. 

    For a complete listing of all the items and a collection of the required photographs please follow the links below.

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