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Item #

Items to get Points Why this item Red Gold Where they got it Where they got it
1 Photo of group in a graveyard, next to a headstone of a person named Phil 150 Just to see what it may look like some day 150 0  Graveyard at Wheelock & Stellhorn  Tried the same place to no avail
2 Hooters girl's orange shorts 150 Nothing like dirty old men at Hooters lookin' to get Hooter's girls shorts off 0 0  Jeff got group kicked out too soon Didn't even try 
3 Picture of a male & female group member doing a shot in a men's Burger King bathroom (with urinal visible) 200 This is just good ole plain fun, ask Humpty 200 0  On Maplecrest Closed upon arrival, those bastards! 
4 A small sample of sawdust 25 Phil loves working with wood, and he better do it soon before the wood disappears forever 25 25  K sawed mulch Dawn's private stash in her garage 
5 Deck of playing cards (all 52, no Euchre decks) 25 Phil likes to play poker 25 25   Dawn's parent's 
6 Take home menu from a "Geriatric" restaurant (such as Richards, various Hall's locations, Bob Evans, etc) 75 Misery enjoys company, and it's the same with the elderly - so let's all eat together, shall we 75 75  Blob Evan's -   Chapel Ridge Bob Evan's     - Chapel Ridge 
7 Photo of two team member trick or treating a house of a stranger in costume (photo should include stranger) 150 The expression on their face may be similar to what Phil will be seeing from everyone soon 150 0 K's apt complex  Too late - no time 
8 A pair of Handcuffs 50 Try it now before you miss your window 50 50  Purchased @ Meijer  Purchased @ Meijer 
9 Free AOL disk/CD 25 AOL is all the internet old people can figure out, and they keep the company profitable…and so will Phil 25 25  Grabbed at Meijer? Swiped at Meijer 
10 An unknown male senior citizen (+65 & a stranger)  in plaid pants (bring him back to venue) 500 Strangers with candy…lure him into the van and then… 0 0  None He escaped en route to Margarita Mamma 
11 Senior Citizen's discount card (try not to mug any senior citizens) 75 With this and his union card Phil will never have to pay cover anywhere ever again 0 75 No go Dawn's mom's - bless her soul 
12 Coupon/pamphlet for "Smoking Cessation" product 75 Henceforth, Phil is abstaining from this activity.  I thought he might like info & coupons for them. 75 75  Meijer Meijer, despite attempts by Red team to steal them before they could get one 
13 A bendy straw 50 So Phil doesn't have to crank his neck as much 50 50  Purchased @ Meijer Dawn had one at home 
14 Power's hamburger 75 Who needs fiber when good wholesome grease will do 0 0  Sadly, Power's was closed And they didn't open for us neither 
15 A toilet plunger (preferably clean) 50 I suppose old people won't need this much, maybe once every week at the most 50 50  Kristina bought one for her Purple-Nurple bathroom Dawn's used one, but it was tasty nonetheless 
16 Picture of team member drinking a shot with a scarecrow 100 Kind of a before and after photo, oh well let's drink and forget about it 100 100  Took Meijer scarecrow outside, took picture and returned it Dawn's Halloween decor 
17 A penny made in Phil's birth year 25 Come on…this is obvious 25 25  Someone's pocket Someone else's pocket 
18 Return receipt for Depends Undergarments purchased just prior to return 150 With these, Phil won't need to get up nearly as often and can rest his frail body 150 150  Kristina returned bought & returned them at Meijer only slightly used Again, at Meijer
19 Set of silverware from a restaurant (still wrapped in napkin) 75 Old people are often cheap, so anything free is a plus 75 75  Applebee's @ Chapel Ridge Same Applebee's after a drink
20 Photo of a teammate doing a shot with some livestock (real horses, cows, sheep, etc - livestock need not drink too) 100 When I'm old I am sure I'll be spending lots of time with livestock….mmmm, sheep 100 100  The Amishmen's buggy @ Meijer Same buggy, only after seeing Amishmen entering Lincoln Towncar 
21 Clip-on tie 50 Ties get really difficult with arthritis 50 50  Purchased @ Meijer  Purchased @ Meijer 
22 Disposable toilet seat cover 75 The immune system can't take all these germs in old age 75 0  Purchased @ Meijer Looked high & low to no avail 
23 Granny Panties 100 Just to help Phil get used to them 0 100  Tried to pass off hot pants as Granny Panties Straight from Dawn's grandma, bless her soul too and her panties 
24 A single Viagra pill 75 To keep Allyson happy 75 75  No go Lori used Gold teams before points tallied 
25 Sock suspenders 50 Just one of the things gravity affects on the elderly 0 0  None None 
26 Cardboard beer coaster 25 Don't leave a ring on my coffee table, Mister! 0 25  None Same Applebee's, same drink 
27 Picture of team member dropping pants next to a retirement home sign 200 Things are always more fun when your pants are off…even for old people 200 200  Old Folks Home on State St Old Folks Home on Maplecrest
28 Marching Band memorabilia 75 Phil plays the trumpet, but at heart is a band camp geek that never went to band camp 75 75  Band Camp Geek K Band Camp Geek Dawn 
29 Hair coloring kit (preferably "Just for Men" but any will do) 75 Like the leaves around us, Phil's hair is about to start changing color 75 75  Purchased @ Meijer from Dawn's parents 
30 Photo of male & female team members in a wheel chair together (sitting on someone's lap, side by side, etc) 150 If Anna Nicole could have fun with an old man in a wheelchair, why can't we? 150 150  In a Meijer Rascal, no wheelchairs around Dawn's Grandma's old four wheeler 
31 Baby food of the mashed variety 75 We start out eating this stuff and sadly end the same way 75 75  Purchased @ Meijer Purchased @ Meijer 
32 A picture of your two teammates in front of a Police Car 150 Phil used to drive a used Police Car - until it died 150 150  On Cook Rd Po Po on corner of Parnell & Coliseum (by Marg. Mammas) 
33 Picture with teammate and an old man (+65 years) 100 Old people are fun, and they smell nice too 100 100  In Meijer Dawn's dad, and plaid shorts 
34 Photo from a previous birthday extravaganza (photo rules do not apply to this one) 50 So Phil can remember before the memory is shot 50 50 Photo from someone else's birthday party  MC's tea party 
35 Picture of group member drinking a beer. wine cooler, etc in front of a car dealership 150 Old people love to buy new cars, year in and year out 150 0  On Lima, by Cook Rd No time 
36 Matchbook from a local bar/establishment with the establishment's name on it 50 Nothing spells trouble like old people and fire 50 50  From Applebee's From same Applebee's 
37 A single Hawaiian Lei 50 Let's get Phil Leid while everything is still working 50 50  Per user's request, KR has been disassociated with this event Dawn's mom's, a wild woman
38 Cornstalk 75 Phil loves corn & cornfields, thus Indiana 75 75 Off of Stellhorn Off of St. Joe Ctr & Lahmeyer
39 Two aspirin pills/tablets 25 Phil may need them to assist in lowering his blood pressure, and they're good for hangovers too 25 25 Purchased @ Meijer  From Dawn's dad 
40 Picture of team member hugging an unknown fast food worker 150 People are stranger, when you’re a stranger, faces look ugly, when you’re alone 150 150 Burger King on Maplecrest  Taco Bell by Priscilla's 
41 A product with the word "Arizona" clearly printed on it 50 Phil lived in and went to school in Arizona for a period of his life 50 50 K's Arizona football jersey  Dawn's Arizona jeans 
42 Remains of an already eaten Buffalo wing 50 Philly like wingy! 0 50  Not hungry Phil ate frozen at Dawn's 
43 A "Now Serving Number…" ticket (small triangular shaped paper with a number on it) 50 Organization is key for the elderly without it they just get extra ornery 50 50  From Target on Stellhorn From Meijer Deli 
44 Ski Goggles 25 Phil likes skiing 0 0  Never saw it coming I see dead people 
45 Salt or Pepper Shaker from a restaurant (both if you want to keep them) 50 Keep that Sodium up Phil, it's mighty healthy! 50 50 Bob Evan's  Applebee's 
46 Latex glove 25 Phil's yearly physical exams are about to get a lot more thorough.  We'll let him prepare on his own time. 25 25  Purchased @ Meijer From Dawn's bedside drawer
47 A restaurant wait staff nametag with the name PHIL or PHIL'S MIDDLE NAME on it 100 So when Alzheimer's sets in he'll remember who's looking at him in the mirror 100 100 Made at Blob Evan's  Made at Applebee's 
48 Job Application from an adult establishment/store of the X persuasion 150 While Phil won't be a dancer in his advancing years, he me try for the bouncer position 0 150 Get a job Mon!  From Priscilla's 
49 A set of Mardi Gras beads 50 Better to have Phil seeing strange women's breasts while his heart can handle it 50 50 From Per user's request, KR has been disassociated with this event's  From Dawn's place 
50 Photo of team member smoking a cigarette in front of a fire dept (bonus points if person is not a regular smoker) 50 Just to tease Phil with, and flaunt his disregard toward fire safety 0 50 Smoking is bad, mmmmm kay  Lahmeyer Rd, wanna get high
51 Minnesota sports team memorabilia 50 Phil is originally from MN, don't let him forget 0 0  Tried to pawn off NFL schedule Nothing 
52 Bi-focals 75 So Phil can both read & see long distances with one pair of glasses…amazing, I know 0 75  Zilch Dawn's pappy 
53 Dentures or a prosthetic device used internally (retainers do not count) 75 Who needs their real body parts when fake ones are so easily accessible 0 75 Zero  Same as above 
54 A pamphlet from nursing/ senior citizens center 75 Just some info for the Phillster 0 0 Nope  No time 
55 Bonus for each empty Schnapps, Pucker & Boone's bottle (please do not pour out) 100 Phil wants everyone to be drunk, that is is birthday present 300 100 Props to Jeff & Mark and of course to K for emptying the Schnapster into the Apple Pucker bottle from the cocktail party  Well, see we were on medication and weren't supposed to drink...uh, yeah
Total       3525 3200  Red won Gold Lost 


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