Scavenger Hunt Pix


    Here is a collection of all the photographs taken for this scavenger hunt honoring Phil Marquardt's birthday.



A complete list of all the items and the results and overall scores is now available, which were off slightly Saturday due to my horrible maff skills.  They have been corrected.  The Red Tribe still won, as declared that evening, however their margin was not quite as great. 

Looking closer, SW should have been awarded some bonus points for not being a smoker and since the Red Tribe did not finish their Schnapster and poured it out and into a Pucker bottle...hmmmm. 


Looking over the pix I see the Red team had a lot, and the Gold team dropped the ball with the camera, specifically Tony as he had the camera.  Here is what we do have  for photographs of the requested items & actions.


There are additional photographs available taken immediately after the hunt & score tallying were over, outside Banana Joe's. 


The following pictures are all thumbnail views and can be seen in their entirety by clicking on them.


Red Team


Gold Team


Item Description


Red_Headstone.jpg (263888 bytes) Red_Headstone2.jpg (105047 bytes)


Photo of group in a graveyard, next to a headstone of a person named Phil

 Gold_Headstone.jpg (58501 bytes)

The best we could do.


red_bk.jpg (114403 bytes)

 Go Humpty!


Picture of a male & female group member doing a shot in a men's Burger King bathroom (with urinal visible)


Red_TrickOrTreat.jpg (103600 bytes) Red_TrickOrTreat2.jpg (138713 bytes)


Photo of two team member trick or treating a house of a stranger in costume (photo should include stranger)


Red_Scarecrow.jpg (106083 bytes) Red_Scarecrow2.jpg (92621 bytes)

I can offer a fair guess as to which one tastes better.


Picture of team member drinking a shot with a scarecrow

Gold_Scarecrow.jpg (78875 bytes)

Red_Livestock.jpg (129243 bytes)


Photo of a teammate doing a shot with some livestock (real horses, cows, sheep, etc - livestock need not drink too)

Gold_Livestock.jpg (57864 bytes) Gold_Livestock2.jpg (58196 bytes)


Red_Retirement.jpg (99704 bytes)

Picture of team member dropping pants next to a retirement home sign

Gold_Retirement.jpg (34816 bytes)

Red_Wheelchair.jpg (136328 bytes)

That's not a wheelchair, that's a Rascal!

Photo of male & female team members in a wheel chair together (sitting on someone's lap, side by side, etc)

Gold_Wheelchair.jpg (59593 bytes)


Red_PoliceCar.jpg (98458 bytes)


A picture of your two teammates in front of a Police Car

Gold_PoliceCar.jpg (54632 bytes)

Red_OldMan.jpg (146148 bytes)

 Is he over 65?  Looks kinda young!


Picture with teammate and an old man (+65 years)

Gold_OldMan.jpg (55428 bytes)

Plaid shorts? 

If only we could have brought him back...

Red_CarDealer.jpg (91602 bytes)


Picture of group member drinking a beer. wine cooler, etc in front of a car dealership


Red_FastFoodHug.jpg (147589 bytes) 

Thank you, drive thru!


Picture of team member hugging an unknown fast food worker

 Gold_FastFoodHug2.jpg (77209 bytes)

Would you like fries with that?  How about a used hairnet too?



Photo of team member smoking a cigarette in front of a fire dept (bonus points if person is not a regular smoker)

 Gold_FireDept.jpg (35522 bytes)






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