With this current group of friends & acquaintances, this is the second such outing.  The first being held in honor of a participant's birthday back in the fall on 2003.  That first endeavor was created as a surprise/mystery party of sorts as only three of the fourteen participants were aware of what was in store.  This particular occurrence, for which this site was developed, was not scheduled as a secret, rather as an expanded version relying on some participant's knowledge of the previous event.



    Here is a listing of all the participants, and the teams on to which they were assigned.  The following links will take you to a page for each team (named for the color vehicle in which they drove), listing of the items and necessary photos as well as personnel listing for each team, and photos both before, during and after the event.



Teams & Links








Teams names determined by vehicle color



Recent & Upcoming Birthdays*


Kristina- 05/29


Eric- 05/30


Nikki- 06/15


Jeff- 06/25


Ruth- 07/15


Kristy - 07/19



*only birthdays for participants are listed










The Game:

    This particular event, held July 16, 2005, was done so to honor several people's recent and upcoming birthdays (listed above).  As such, three of those people were selected by the game's organizer as Captain's and given a pre-determined team, vehicle, quantity of alcoholic beverages, hidden mascot, a designated driver (DD), and clues to find a list of items & photo opportunities.


    This  list, when found would contain a number of items and activities to be documented via digital camera for which each team would receive a certain number of points.  There were methods by which a team could achieve more points, by going beyond the minimum requirement.  In addition, there were also essay questions and point values associated with the consumption & completion of the included alcoholic beverages.


    Each team was given its first clue at 8:00 PM and was told to meet back at the home base later that night at 11:30 PM.


    Most of the description set out rules to follow, however there were some additional rules shared, chiefly that the Mascot must be included in each photo for consideration.  Any photo without the mascot is subject to dismissal and zero points.  Additionally, when referring to a stranger, it is to be a stranger that no one participating knows.  Some leeway may be given as 21 people tend to know a lot of people.



    In the end, based on points alone the Gold team came out victorious with 13,800 points, followed closely by the Blue team with 13,350 points and the Black team in third with 8.650 points.  Please, review the scores I have tallied on the following sheets and let me know if anything does not add up correctly.


    There was a highly contested clause in one of the item descriptions stating that if two ladies wrestle each other topless while on a pool table and begin to make out, that team automatically wins the game (provided there is proof with a photo).  Well one team did just that, or tried to.  The ruling made by this judge, is that while two topless ladies were wrestling atop a pool table, the simple peck they were sharing did not constitute making out.  With additional heavy petting and/or tongue it would have met all the requirements, but in its current form it does not.  Sorry Blue team.  As such, they were forced to complete on points alone.  Thus, the Gold team narrowly won the game.


Items Sheets:

    The list was split into three separate lists, differing from the previous scavenger hunt which only utilized a single list printed upon the front and backside of a single sheet.  However, the sheets were not given to the teams together, or at all for that matter.  Each team was given a puzzle at the beginning of the game, an anagram to decipher to find the location of their first sheet.


    The puzzles necessary to find each sheet can be found atop that particular sheet, The sheets can be reached via links on the Team Pages, which can be reached via the links above.


Before the Hunt Began:

    Photos taken before the event began

        Before-times Photos


The Melee that Ensued Afterwards:

    Photos taken following the completion of the event.


        Aftermath Photos:

                    Page 1         Page 2         Page 3          Page 4         Page 5



    The general consensus amongst nearly all who participated in this event, in the summer of 2005, was that is was excellent and most are looking forward to another in the near future.  Most discussion centers around having events such as this in the fall or spring when the weather is typically more comfortable.  Scheduling and planning for the upcoming fall event is already underway


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