Grand Points Total:  8650



Items, Photos & Scores


    Sheet 1 Items

    Sheet 1 Completions

        Point Subtotal - 1050 points


    Sheet 2 Items

    Sheet 2 Completions

        Point Subtotal - 1800 points


    Sheet 3 Items

    Sheet 3 Completions

        Point Subtotal - 1200 points


Items & Photos Point Total - 4050 points



Essay Questions:


    Question 1)  Incorrect, but impressive and very steamy, 500points for the effort

        Q:  Explain to me the difference between dicks, pussies & assholes

        A:  Dicks are the major male sex organ and the providers of sperm to finalize the act of procreating.  They are stimulated by the soft, hot wetness of the vagina.  The vagina is the holder of all power.  The power life through birth and the power of women over men.

               The asshole is the final destination for all human excrement.  It is also used as a second vagina in men's eyes and a male vagina for homosexuals.

               Dick is male, vagina is female, asshole is unisex - everyone has one and it is not determined by an X or Y chromosome.


   Question  2)  - Correct for 1000 points

        Q:  Create a caption worthy of the attached photo


        A:  I'd rather be doing this than having sex with my wife, can I get fries with that!



    Question 3)  No Attempt to Contact Mr. Pellegrino for 0 points

        Q:  Define DVDA and explain to Mike Pelligrino the mechanics behind it
        A: (from WikiPedia) DVDA stands for double vaginal, double anal, is a fictional group sex act taken from the movie Orgazmo, a cult-classic comedy film by Trey Parker.
        In the movie it is a hypothetical sexual position where two men penetrate the vagina, and another two men will penetrate the anus, of a single woman with their penises, simultaneously. Thus, this involves double vaginal penetration and double anal penetration occurring simultaneously to the same woman.
        However, in real life, this appears to be an anatomical impossibility, because of the spatial interference of any prospective male participants' pelvic bones.  However, it can be done...tell Mike how

        Must make an attempt to contact and explain to Mr. Pellegrino


    Question 4)  Incorrect for, but an impressive essay - 500 points for the effort

        Q: How much is freedom worth to folks like you and me…be prepared to answer & present

        A:  Freedom is the definition of our way of life.  It's worth the air we breathe.  Without freedom there is no happiness.  Since the beginning of time all man has fought & died for the freedom to be.

              Our freedom was paid for through war with England and even ourselves.  Brothers with different views on freedom killed each other in the civil war.

              The founders of our country  drafted the constitution to define freedom. 

              We are willing to die, starve, fight, kill and live for freedom, until the end of time.



Essay Questions Point Total - 2000 points



Alcohol Consumption & Point Values


Point Value Each  Consumed  Liquor
    Boone's Farm (750 mL)
200 1      Blue Hawaiian
200 1      Blue Hawaiian
200 1      Blackberry Ridge
200 1      Melon Ball
200 1      Orange Hurricane
    DeKuyper Pucker (750 mL)
400 1      Cheri-Beri
400 1      Sour Apple
800 1 Jagermeister (750 mL)
100 0 Beer (individual cans or bottles)
____ __ ____________________________
2600   Total Alcohol Points Awarded