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Boone's Farm (750 mL) Blue Hawaiian


Boone's Farm (750 mL) Blackberry Ridge


Boone's Farm (750 mL) Melon Ball


Boone's Farm (750 mL) Orange Hurricane


Boone's Farm (750 mL) Snow Creek Berry


DeKuyper Watermelon Pucker (750 mL)


DeKuyper Raspberry Pucker (750 mL)


DeKuyper Buttershots (750 mL)


DeKuyper Tropical Pineapple (375 mL)


DeKuyper Crantasia (375 mL)


Jagermeister (375 mL)


Smirnoff Vodka (200 mL)



Malted beverages 12 oz

(8 oz not acceptable;

  larger than 12 oz only counts as 12 oz)


Information Maintained by the Office of Code Revision Indiana Legislative Services Agency
10/22/2005 04:44:51 AM EST

IC 9-30-15  Chapter 15. Open Alcoholic Beverage Containers; Consumption of Alcohol in Motor Vehicles IC 9-30-15-1

"Alcoholic beverage" defined
    Sec. 1. As used in this chapter, "alcoholic beverage" has the meaning set forth in IC 7.1-1-3-5.
As added by P.L.53-1994, SEC.11. IC 9-30-15-2

"Container" defined
Sec. 2.
As used in this chapter, "container" has the meaning set forth in IC 7.1-1-3-13.
As added by P.L.53-1994, SEC.11. IC 9-30-15-3

Open alcoholic beverage container during operation of motor vehicle; Class C infraction
Sec. 3.

        (a) This section does not apply to the following

            1) A container possessed by a person who is in the:
                (A) passenger compartment of a motor vehicle designed, maintained, or used primarily for the transportation of persons for compensation; or
                (B) living quarters of a house coach or house trailer.
            (2) A container located in a fixed center console or other similar fixed compartment that is locked.
            (3) A container located:
                (A) behind the last upright seat; or
                (B) in an area not normally occupied by a person;
in a motor vehicle that is not equipped with a trunk.
(b) A person in a motor vehicle who, while the motor vehicle is in operation or while the motor vehicle is located on the right-of-way of a public highway, possesses a container:
            (1) that has been opened;
            (2) that has a broken seal; or
            (3) from which some of the contents have been removed;
in the passenger compartment of the motor vehicle commits a Class C infraction.
A violation of this section is not considered a moving traffic violation:
            (1) for purposes of IC 9-14-3; and
            (2) for which points are assessed by the bureau under the point system.

As added by P.L.53-1994, SEC.11. Amended by P.L.33-1997, SEC.15; P.L.1-2000, SEC.14; P.L.209-2005, SEC.1. IC 9-30-15-4

Consumption of alcohol while operating a motor vehicle; Class B infraction
Sec. 4. The operator of a motor vehicle who knowingly consumes an alcoholic beverage while the motor vehicle is being operated upon a public highway commits a Class B infraction.

Class C Infraction (for a non-drinking driver) up to $500 fine and loss of minor's driver's license




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