Rules & Regulations


1. Purpose

2. How it works

3. Points

4. Point Penalties

5. Teams

6. Vehicles

7. Safety

8. Beverages

9. General Provisions

10. Times




1)       Purpose - The goal of an event such as this is to provide a competitive method for people to enjoy themselves with an early to late night  outing whereby each participant will engage in both public & private unconventional activities, aided by consumption of adult beverages, all in an effort to yield unique and wonderful memories, stories and an overall good time.

2)       How it works

a.       Participants will be divided into teams of 7-8 people

b.      Each team will be given a list of items and/or photos that they will need to acquire during the course of the game

c.       Each team will be given a prescribed amount of adult beverages for consumption during the evening

d.      Teams acquiring the necessary items, photos and beverage consumption will be awarded points at the conclusion of the game

e.      The team with the highest point total will be declared the winner and shall receive all associated honors and available prizes

3)       Points

a.       Points can be acquired by

                            i.      obtaining items specified on the list

                                     ii.      snapping photos per requirements in the item list sheets

                                    iii.      consuming specified beverages (complete consumption, half empty bottles receive no credit)

b.      Bonus points will be awarded for items/photo ops that go above and beyond the call of duty as specified on the list sheets

c.       Points will be awarded at partial credit if not all of the photo or item requirements are met

d.      100 bonus points will be awarded for every photo that has the team’s mascot pictured in it

                                    i.      Mascots will be selected by teams prior to the start of the game

e.      A maximum of three multi-photo bonuses will be awarded for a single photograph that meets the requirements of three of more photo ops on the list (points will be tripled for those photos contained within the single shot).

f.         Mileage bonus – the team that accumulates the number of miles over the course of the scavenger hunt shall be awarded an extra 1000 points (need to get original mileages from odometers)

4)       Point penalties

a.       Non-photo participation

                                     i.      Each teammate must be in at least one solo photo

                                    ii.      Failure to do so will cost your team 1000 points per person committing infraction

                                    iii.      Late arrival at conclusion of game – 500 points for every 10 minutes (times listed below)

     5)       Teams

a.       Teams have been pre-selected and posted before the beginning of the game

b.      7-8 people per team

c.       each team will have a designated driver (DD) who is not to consume adult beverage during the portion of the game where he/she is required to drive

d.      Team names are set as a default to the color of the vehicle they are to be carted around in during the course of the game

e.      Teams may alter their name during the course of the event and submit at the completion of the game and be referenced thereafter as such

6)       Vehicles

a.       Each team will be assigned a vehicle, a 7-8 person minivan

b.      The team’s DD shall be the driver for the course of the game

c.       Each vehicle will come equipped with a:

                                     i.      cooler

                                      ii.      receptacle to house empty containers

                                     iii.      Smaller, super market bags will be provided for other trash

d.      Cooler will house beverages and other items for the game

                                      i.      Pre-stocked with liquors and liqueurs

                                     ii.      Brown bags and sippy cups to aid in stealth consumption

                                 iii.      Shot glasses

                                    iv.      Additional malted beverages may be acquired and house here

e.      Receptacle to house empties will hold the empty bottles to be submitted for points at the conclusion of the game (Do not throw away empties!)

7)       Safety

a.       While this event is intended for fun & entertainment, there is always a chance for injury or legal complications

b.      To minimize these risks we ask that you abide by the following guidelines

                                    i.      DD’s - avoid speeding too fast or driving too recklessly

                                   ii.      Team members, please do not distract or interfere with the DD while driving

                                 iii.      DD’s – do not consume during the game while driving is still required

                            1.       a low strength beverage or two before the game ensues is acceptable

                            2.       after parking the team vehicle at the conclusion of the game back at home base you are free to consume as much as you desire

                                  iv.      Open containers within the vehicle, even with a DD, is against the law and is a Class C infraction (see reference page)

                            1.       Should you have open containers in the vehicle and be pulled over, establish a procedure to move all the open containers back to cooler and empty container receptacle behind the rearmost seat, where it is legal.

                            2.       DD’s please see to it that everyone in the vehicle knows the proper course of action should you be pulled over

                           v.      Open Container Law is included on the beverages page

c.       Public Indecency

                                 i.      Do not get arrested

                               ii.      Use common sense

                            1.       It may be at a minimum given the alcohol consumption, but use what you still have

                            2.       Please use your head when in public and consuming

                            3.       Sippy cups and brown bags have been provided to aid in stealth consumption when in public

                            4.       Do not overly offend strangers

                            5.       Teammates must watch out for one another, and DD’s for the whole team

                            6.       Minimize public urination, some is expected and desired

                            7.       If you cross paths with another team at some point throughout the night, sabotage & trickery are encouraged, it is also encouraged that drivers/teammates only possess keys to their vehicle to avoid vans turning up missing/misplaced due to sabotage.

 8)       Adult beverage Consumption

a.       Avoid drinking too much in public, some is expected & desired, bars are of course OK. But you may wish to use their beverages

b.      Wearing jackets with large pockets is encouraged to aid in sneaking adult beverage in public

c.       Please ensure that all the beverages are consumed and not thrown away/dumped out

d.      Your team need not be the only people drinking your adult beverages homeless people count too

e.      Teams may acquire more adult beverage in addition to what has been provided to obtain more adult beverage points

f.         Try to distribute adult beverage consumption across the entire team including all teammates with the exception of the driver

g.      Pace yourselves with the hard stuff, there will be time to slam and finish the tough ones just before the game ends

h.       A swig from a bottle will constitute a shot

i.         A minimal quantity of mixers & chasers have been provided

 9)       General Provisions

a.      If you have a camera, please take as many photos as you can tonight – it is better to record everything and delete it later than miss it altogether

b.       No throwing cameras down store aisle ways

c.         A card reader is available to upload all photos at the conclusion of the game and we will gladly copy over all the photos you have taken at nights end

                                       i.      We ask that you copy over all your game photos first and then take photos in the aftermath party that can be uploaded at a later time

10)   Times

a.       Ideally, the start time for the pre-game events will be at 6:30 and the hunt will begin around 7:30.

b.      End times are planned to be around 11:30 – midnight, but these are subject to change based on feedback and arrival of personnel




Strangers – As we have near thirty people participating, there is a high probability that a stranger to one person or team will not be to another person or team.  Therefore, a “stranger” must be a stranger to that team.  If it can be proved otherwise the team will received a reduced point total for that photo.


Shot – shall be defined as an actual 1 oz drink from a glass or a swig from the container.  Applies to all adult beverages.


Doing a shot – should be the simultaneous consumption of an adult beverage.  No need to take turns or share a container one after the other…there are enough to go around.


         Posing – is the interaction with another and looking in the direction of a camera



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