2006 Scavenger Hunt


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So, what is this all about?

How does it work? Do people really enjoy this? Why does it hurt when I pee? Who participates? What's new? Will I get hurt?

How did it go? What if I don't want to do crazy stuff? How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll tootsie pop anyway?

Rules and Regulations

The following is a complete list of rules and regulations for this event.

Most of the rules are carryover from the 2005 Scavenger Hunt, with any alterations showing in highlighted text.

Teams and Participants

Participants were pre-selected to play for one of four teams; the BLUE, RED, SILVER or WHITE team.

Participants were pre-selected to avoid the pairing of couples and extremely good friends on the same team, while attempting to balance each team with males & females, beer-drinkers & pussies, and ensuring that no one was a complete stranger on their team. That said, the teams and members are listed below.


The pre-game event, used to determine draft order and 'pole position' if you will amongst the four teams.

This year, the fours teams competed in a Drinking Jenga Tournament whereby their position in separate alcohol & mascot drafts was determined. Additionally, the team placing first in the tournament was the first team allowed to leave the premises, roughly 20 minutes before the last team did. Complete rules are outlined below.,


Teams were allowed to accumulate additional points via the consumption of pre-selected beverages.

Based on the order of their finish in the Drinking Jenga Tournament, the teams selected a number of beverages from the list below based on their preferred tastes and the point values for each completed bottle, with the exception of beer for which each van was pre-stocked.

Therefore, no two teams have the exact same alcohol selection.

Mascots & Selection

Four mascots were available for selection,

each team was allowed to select a single mascot based on the order of their finish in the Drinking Jenga Tournament. Teams received an additional 200 points for every required photo in which their mascot was pictured.

Items & Photos

The images of the actual Photos & Items cards are shown below.

The card design is based on a Trivial Pursuit card layout, with each card having six categories for which teams could get points. Bonus points were available to team going above and beyond what was detailed on the front of each card with specific bonus criteria on each card's backside along with the available point and bonus point values.

Results & Scores Text

The results, including point tallies, penalties,

bonus points and total scores are listed below for each team along with post-game analysis.

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