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Mission Statement:

    The goal of an event such as this is to provide a competitive method for people to participate in overly embarrassing public acts in an attempt to out-do their competitors and show them who is the better fool.  Additionally, participants also willingly forgo any later candidacy for public office with aforementioned embarrassing public acts all caught on film and published thereafter.   Alcoholic beverage consumption tends to play a role in this as well, but is by no means solely responsible.




   To date there have been six such Scavenger Hunts, with five being held in Fort Wayne, IN and a sixth in Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN. The first Scavenger Hunt event was held in honor of a participant's birthday back in the fall on 2003.  That first endeavor was created as a surprise/mystery party of sorts as only three of the fourteen participants were aware of what was in store.  The second Scavenger Hunt, held in July 2005, was not scheduled as a secret, rather as an expanded version relying on some participant's knowledge of the previous event and held for a number of people with birthdays in the nearby months.  The third occurred in October 2005, relatively soon after the last one, and relied heavily on word of mouth from that previous one to group the number of participants.  The fourth and fifth were each held a year apart in 2006 & 2007 in the fall timeframe, as it makes for a more comfortable evening and gets darker sooner.  The sixth and most recent Scavenger hunt was held in honor of a friend's 30th Birthday.




    These have become annual events and are likely to occur for the foreseeable future given enough interest and our continued residence in Fort Wayne.





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